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custom crates
custom crates

We are proud to have our very own workshop facility, where we custom build the crates needed to transport fragile goods safely from one location to another. Having our very own state of the art workshop enables us to be extremely agile in the way that we operate while also producing ‘best-in-class’ quality packaging solutions.

The requirement of crates is usually uncovered during the pre-move survey.

Custom built crates are used to provide added protection to fragile/high-value items such as artwork (both oil on canvas and framed glass), statues, expensive ornaments and tech in the home.

During our seasonal peak, our workshop creates around 60 crates per day. On average we would typically produce around 10 per move.

The most interesting household items that we have created?…

A very large (and extremely valuable) Harp, belonging to a concert musician.

From time to time, we manufacture crates for interesting chandeliers. These have to be suspended in the crate during transit, to avoid any kind of damage to its decorative features.

Our most interesting non-household items we have made crates for recently were industrial robots used in manufacturing assembly lines. These were made for a robotic company, that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, would ship their robots to customers in pieces, and then they would send engineers to do on-site assembly and testing. With stringent travel restrictions in place during the pandemic, they had to revert to shipping the robots fully assembled and ready to operate straight out of the box.

I am happy to report, that each robot arrived at its destination without any damaged and is fully operational.

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