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Shared container service

Are you shipping your belongings internationally? 

Shared containers offer a smart way to save on costs. You’ll only pay for the space you use, making it perfect for smaller shipments.


What Is Shared Container Service

A shared container service, also known as groupage shipping, offers a cost-efficient solution for freight that doesn’t require a full container. It consolidates shipments from multiple clients with similar destinations or routes, maximizing container utilization and reducing individual costs.

Clients pay only for the space their cargo occupies within the shared container. This approach is ideal for businesses or individuals who need to move smaller freight volumes without incurring the expense of a dedicated container.

What are the benefits

Shared containers allow you to pay only for the space your shipment occupies, making it a budget-friendly option compared to paying for an entire container for smaller loads.

Shared containers promote environmental sustainability by maximizing container usage. By combining multiple shipments, fewer individual containers are needed, decreasing the number of trips required and reducing overall emissions from transportation.

When multiple shipments are headed to the same region or along similar routes, groupage services consolidate them for streamlined transportation. This translates to faster delivery times and lower overall shipping costs.

How It Works?

4 Simple Steps

Step 1:
Preparation Of Shipment

Securely pack client goods according to the service provider’s guidelines. Once ready, arrange for transportation of your shipment to the designated warehouse of the shared container service.

Step 2:
Consolidation Of Goods

Client shipments will be consolidated at the warehouse with others heading towards a similar destination or route. This efficient process optimizes container space, ensuring your goods are transported cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

Step 3:
Shared Container Journey

Client shipment will be loaded into a shared container along with the consolidated cargo from other clients. The container then embarks on its journey to the final destination.

Step 4:
Delivery and Collection

Once the container arrives at the designated terminal, the client shipment will be unloaded and prepared for final delivery. Depending on the service provider, the client will be notified of collection or further delivery arrangements.


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