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In the late 1990s, there was a great demand for office relocation services in Singapore. To meet commercial moving needs within Singapore, The Family Movers embarked on a new division, one specialising in office moving.

That was the beginning of our journey in office moving services.

Today, The Family Movers are considered a top-tier office mover in Singapore with an impressive client portfolio of thousands of commercial firms, government bureaus and non-commercial institutions. We go the distance to fulfil your needs and ensure minimum disruption to your business during the office relocation. With our relocation services, the transition to your new office will be quick and seamless.

Your Dedicated Office Movers Singapore

24/7 Commercial Moving Services in Singapore

With our highly trained team of movers, our moving company guarantees that your office relocation will be a breeze.

If needed, our team of packers and movers in Singapore can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to complete last-minute office relocation projects. Regardless of your requirements, our experienced team is willing to go above and beyond to provide your business with peace of mind. Moving can be done over just a single weekend – come Monday morning; the only thing to worry about will be the challenges of a new workday.

Stress-Free Packing and Handling of Office Equipment

Our professional office movers in Singapore are well-trained under stringent internationally certified associations requirements. We provide hassle-free office moving services that adhere to advanced packing standards for high value and sensitive office equipment, including

  • Servers
  • Photocopiers
  • Video-conferencing units and more

Our team of professional office movers in Singapore takes the time needed for advanced packing to ensure that your office furniture equipment is thoroughly protected and safely handled throughout the relocation. We also uses only the best packing materials for your peace of mind, from carton boxes to acid-free packing paper.

Technical Expertise for All-in-One Packing Services

Our professional office movers are also licensed in the technical expertise needed to handle electronic office equipment, of which services include:

  • IT equiptment
  • Telephone systems
  • Servers
  • Printing systems and anything else you need

We believe that your office move should be as stress-free as possible. During your site survey, we identify your commercial moving needs to support your business efficiently during moving. To further facilitate this goal, we also provide technical services, including:

dismantling and assembling of partitions, systems furniture and compactors
handling the commissioning and decommissioning process

Unsure if The Family Movers provide a particular service?

Get in touch to let us know your preferences, and we can arrange it for you.

One-Stop Service Provider

Our office movers are why The Family Movers is firmly established at the forefront of specialised commercial relocation projects. Market demands in Singapore are everchanging. In order to maintain our high operation standards, we provide regular training to our office movers.

From the latest technological advancements to exploring more effective methods of handling the moving process, our crew is constantly learning and improving. By ensuring that our team is at the forefront with the latest skills and technical know-how, we can provide the best, stress-free office moving services.

Systematic Relocation Services​

Packing materials like colour coded tapes for each department and stick-on-labels for carton boxes will be provided to company employees before the day of the move. Coordinating company items in this systematic way allows for

  • Easier packing and unpacking process
  • Office furniture to be quickly placed according to layout configuration of your new office
  • Efficient office moving that meets your company deadlines

Should the office move last more than a day, our team will arrange a schedule that facilitates the relocation of each department on time. Furthermore, we will provide a name list of our employees assigned to your particular office move for your screening and selection. This is done to ensure the strictest security during your moving process.

Specialised Equipment for Moving Machinery

We also specialises in industrial-level relocation services.

We’re not your average moving company in Singapore.

The Family Movers are fully equipped with a fleet of vehicles specially fitted with tailgates and Hiap cranes to transport huge industrial and commercial machinery. Be it drill machines or heavy oil pumps; your equipment is in good hands.

Ready for the Smoothest Commercial Relocation You'll Ever Experience?

With us, your business relocation is in safe hands. Our commercial moving services in Singapore are meticulously designed to ensure an efficient outcome without disrupting your everyday operations.

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