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The Family Movers provides individuals and organisations with various flexible storage solutions tailored to your individual needs. Sometimes things need to be left behind, or you may need a little more time before your items are delivered to your door.

With our warehouse facilities, you get to experience a variety of storage services with convenient payment options and attractive prices. Our storage rental extends to Singapore, Malaysia and your destination overseas as well.

How Extra Space Can Help You
  • Need more time during your move process.
  • Moving into a furnished/partly furnished home.
  • Renovations are taking place, and your items need to be protected.
  • You’re not ready to receive your belongings in your destination country.
Best Storage Space Singapore
Our Own Storage Facilities in Singapore

The Family Movers has all the extra space needed to fulfil your storage needs.

Be it long-term or short-term storage, our flexible storage solutions provide you with extra space to keep your belongings safely. With a storage size of half a million cubic feet, our storage facility in Singapore offers home and business owners alike highly efficient storage spaces.

By owning our own storage facility, we also have the freedom to install necessary storage features such as commercial dehumidifiers and custom storage racks for oversized items.

Storage Spaces with Air Conditioning

As a professional storage company with years of experience, our storage options are designed to fulfil your needs before you even realise you need them.

To make the storage space serve you, The Family Movers’ air-conditioned storage facilities are both temperature and humidity-controlled. This ensures optimum store-friendliness for your highly valuable belongings, making our storage spaces suitable for

  • Wine storage
  • Antiques
  • Fine Art storage

and other precious household effects

24/7 Security

Our storage facility provides peace of mind against fire, theft and flooding. There is 24-hours security, CCTV surveillance and strict entry restrictions for anybody not employed by us.

Furthermore, The Family Movers strictly regulates our storage facilities by itemising and assigning numbers to each carton and furniture. These said numbers will be reflected on a packing list, complete with proper descriptions.

For extra precaution, your extra space will only be sealed shut while you are present. Following that, access to your storage space will be granted only in these cases:

  • At your personal request
  • With you present
  • With a written letter of authorisation
Purpose-Built Containers

We store your items in custom-built containers to provide ideal storage conditions that reduce climatic-triggered risks. This allows us to monitor humidity levels efficiently and prevent damage from mould and mildew while you store with us.

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